About Us

Welcome to the wild world of manufacturing!

For many decades now, we've been producing high quality, Australian made BBQs under the name Heatlie Barbecues. The name has become synonyms with quality, longevity and all around toughness. Recently we also started making letterboxes with the purchase of local company Adelaide Letterboxes, now rebranded to Heatlie Letterboxes. 

Through the decades and along the way, we've fulfilled other various requests to use our metal manufacturing expertise to make a whole range of stuff. What you see here at Heatlie Fabrication are the products that came from these bespoke projects. 

We figured, why not give the public a chance to see what else we can do? From large scale industrial machinery developed in conjunction with sister company Kepno, to small accessories that were developed for personal use.

Browse what we have to offer, but also keep in mind that we are open to just about anything. Use our contact form to send us some details and we can quote on a job by job basis, or input your .DXF files into our quoting software to recieve on the spot quotes for your parts. 

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Got something else in mind?

For more complex fabrication jobs, or any other ideas you may have that we can help with, click the "Contact Us' link below to fill out our contact form where you can send us files.